question-mark-mdDon’t other things factor into our personalities like our environment, our education, and our family    to make us who we are?

Yes, all of those things, mixed with our own blend of personality traits are exactly what make us unique and different from each other.  However, each of us is born with a natural bent toward certain behaviors.

I feel as though I have some traits from each of the 4 personality styles.  Is that possible? 

Yes, we each have some of all four personality styles.  Some of those traits are stronger than others and some are less intense. Those stronger traits we call our primary style and is indicated by one of the letters in the Model of Human Behavior, D, I, S or C.

Is one style better than another? 

While it is true that each style has its own set of strengths and weaknesses (blind spots), no one style is better than another.

Does your personality change over time? 

It is possible for us to grow in different areas of our life as we mature.  However, the “bent” we have when we are born is ours throughout our lives.  It is who we really are at our core.  As we learn more about the different styles and become more aware, it is possible for us to adjust our behavior in order to connect more effectively with another person or to do the appropriate behavior at the appropriate time.

Does gender play a role in your personality style? 

There is no correlation between the personality traits and gender.  There are just as many D type men as there are women and the same is true of the I, S, and C as well.  Women are often thought to be more service oriented and the “weaker sex,” but that has more to do with roles than with personality traits.

What are the needs of each style?

D’s want choice, challenge and control

I’s want approval, recognition and to be liked by everyone

S’s want appreciation, security and assurance

C’s want value, quality answers and excellence

For more information on personality styles, we recommend Positive Personality Profiles and Who Do You Think You Are…Anyway? by Dr. Robert A. Rohm.  They are available on our store – which is coming soon.

Or, to find out your own personality style, go to (insert link to assessments)