Take your business to the next level by hiring Shirley to speak at your next meeting.  Everyone will profit from the wisdom she shares from her deep insights into the four personality traits and how they affect the way we see and respond to our world.  Just listen to a few of the Testimonials she has received.


Shirley is an engaging and effective training leader who listens before she speaks.  And when she does speak, her instruction is relevant for participants.  I took a DISC Behavioral Styles training certification program from Shirley in March 2014.  Although I work as a professional trainer, I’m as impatient as the next student when it comes to sitting in a classroom for three days.  But Shirley made the program worthwhile with a great mix of instruction, training exercises and dynamic group discussion.  I highly recommend Shirley as a DISC trainer or certification instructor.   

Rich Drinon, President, Drinon& Associates, Inc.  Plumb bob divider

“Just a note of thanks for the great seminar you held for us.  I thought it was wonderful the way you presented the material so appropriately for our specialty.

Several of our staff members commented on how knowledgeable you were about the material and wished we had more time to dwell on certain aspects of your presentation.

The break room has been buzzing about the fact that several staff members took your information home and tested their children and spouses.  I’m sure we will put your words of wisdom to good use!”

Lisa McCoskey, Office Manager   –  Heartland Women’s Health Care, Kansas City, Missouri

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Testimonials from Moms at the Northwood UMC MOPS Group, Atlanta, Georgia

“Excellent!  Really helped me today!  I have been struggling with my son and husband.  Thanks!”

“The information was insightful and given in a way that is easily remembered.”

“Excellent!  As a mom of four children with four different personalities, this is what I needed.  Thanks so much!”

Plumb bob dividerTestimonies from a Women’s Retreat:

“Shirley did a great job presenting the material!  She is a very good speaker who has the ability to capture our attention.”

“This information will help me to parent better.  You’re strength gives me courage.”

“The two things I enjoyed most were learning to accept myself and appreciating my family and how to meet their unique needs.”

“Your presentation was down-to-earth and you used real life stories that I could relate to.”

“As a speaker, Shirley is animated, transparent, and gives an excellent presentation.”

“Very enlightening.  Provides hope for seemingly ‘hopeless’ marriage difficulties.  Thank you!”

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“Thank you very much for the wonderful program you did for us about personalities. You made everyone feel so comfortable and we learned so much.  You have just the right mix of information and laughter, seriousness and fun.”

Lorna Newton, Executive Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics  
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“I want to take the time to thank you for your continued insightful perspective.  I always learn SO much from you and appreciate your varied temperaments and most of all, your depth in your teaching style.  I think your ability to go deeper than the surface really gives you a unique ability to be able to connect with more than a few

 Mary Trefne, Elegant Engraving & Events, Personalized Gift Consultant      

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“Shirley is the true picture of class, poise, and quite strength. She is the most prolific woman consultant I have ever seen. She has inspired me spiritually and is a great Christian mentor. I would recommend her to any women’s organization or to any one looking for a strong, yet gentle touch in helping them succeed.” 

Rico Pena, Founder of Pena Global, LLC

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“Shirley is an extremely gifted trainer and speaker. I’ve co-trained with her on a number of occasions and have found her to be highly professional. She has the ability to make a strong connection with her audience. I highly endorse Shirley as a Master Trainer and Speaker that will inspire and educate any audience.

Giove Pici, Founder and CEO, Pici and Pici Inc.

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“Shirley is a very well-rounded coach and trainer. Shirley has great attention to detail and strives to make sure her audience not only understands the material she is teaching, but are able to apply it in their respective environments. Her coaching/training and teaching style is able to keep the attention of the most diverse groups for hours. I would recommend Shirley to anyone and would definitely work with her again.” 

Richard Richardson, Kraft

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“Shirley was instrumental in helping my training and development when I was earning my Master Certification in Human Behavior. Shirley’s expertise, combined with her command and understanding of human behavior, was so incredibly helpful. She is not only an exceptional teacher; she practices and lives her craft. I would highly recommend Shirley for any training or development you or your company may need. You will get an incredible teacher, with valuable insights and a wonderful ability to relate to people.” 

Meridith Elliott Powell, Business Development Expert, MRP Profit Stratgie